Mayoral Endorsement 2012

I’ve been asked about who I’m supporting this general election. I feel like the time has come to finally reveal who I think is best for Portland. I like many other citizens, I have a vested interest in who will lead our city. While running for office, I had the pleasure to get to know the kind of person who tries to get this job. Mostly my decision is based on personal experience. I’m showing my support for Charlie Hales. Yes that’s right: I know Charlie is the best for Portland, especially given that his opponent is Jefferson Smith. My family and I have had a long standing relationship with both candidates. Most recently from my campaign experience I found that Charlie is the most honest person. He never once tried to exclude me, and was always showed me respect even though I was his competitor. Here are a few reasons why:

1. I hate Jefferson Smith; we may agree on a lot of policies and progressive issues, but he wears a deceptive mask and is fooling a lot of people into think he is such a great guy. In fact he is not! He only cares about himself. In my medical opinion (even though I have never been in med school), I would classify him as a sociopath. A quote from Forbes.com on “The Sociopath in the Office”:

“Picture a new boss [or mayor] who comes in... At first he seems too good to be true. Attractive, well-spoken and suave, he says all the right things and makes all the right promises. Then things start to go off a bit. He starts blaming and humiliating individuals in public for mistakes they claim they did not make. He may target one or two individuals, or start playing team members against one another. Talk starts to turn sarcastic and hurtful. Jokes become nasty, profane and mean-spirited, while tempers begin to flare as shouting becomes more acceptable. Rumor and gossip flourish where little had existed before: ‘Did you know that X has a drinking problem? Y is leaving his wife? XY is really having a homosexual affair?’ People are rarely praised. And if they are, it is hollow. Client requests and needs start to be flagrantly ignored. And so it goes.”

The youth of Portland should not fall victim of his ways. He will only use you to get what he wants. If you actually stand in his way or question him, he will try to bully you. He does not care about anyone but himself. Smith has a lot of charisma, but it’s all a mask he wears to hide his true self. I know he will burn bridges as mayor just to get what he wants in the long run, especially if he thinks that he won’t need you later. I’m not the only one he has burned, nor will I be the last.

He is a hypocrite in many ways. I stated this in my KATU interview, and I guess he thought the idea of a young person running would hurt his chances. So he tried to intimidate me into apologizing for my statement. He had his Campaign Manager; Stacy Dykus stalk me by making numerous phone calls in a 12-hour period. Now I have evidence, don’t think I called someone names that I cannot prove. I’m smarter than that, and he knows it. He lied and covered his tracks did so as to not look bad. Apparently Smith can’t have any blemishes, since he is the perfect child.

He blackballed me from a majority of debates. I know this because I talked with Hales and Brady. They both told the City Club that I should be included. Smith did not. Months before this vote took place, he told me to “stop talking shit to me, kid”. My response was that I’m was, and am, just speaking the truth. Now with that really being the only conversation we had, I pretty much lost a lot of respect for him. After he tried to bully me, going so far as to insult me and my family, I will never speak to him again. Not even if there was a fire. This is one of the main reasons I’m helping Charlie. My hatred for Smith runs so deep that I pledge to do everything in my power to never see him hold elected office.

2. During my campaign all of the top three candidates used my ideas; either it was improving parks, education reform, campaign financing and/or in general making Portland a better place. Since they were being used they must be really good, so others used them as their own. I’m fine with that: I hope really can make Portland a better place. I think Charlie will be the one to keep Portland going and not send it into a downward spiral, as I know Smith would. One thing I like about Hales is that he will help the parks, something I think we need, and he also understands the benefits of higher education to create jobs.

3. Charlie Hales is an honest man and takes responsibility for his mistakes. So, I trust him. He focuses on the issues that I care about. He is not a hypocrite, like Smith. He cares about all the generations living in Portland. I know we all can’t be perfect, but we learn and move on to the next play.
I’m asking you all to vote for Charlie, I can guarantee that we will have a future if he becomes mayor.

Kind Regards,

Max Brumm