"If Your Not First, Your Last"

Well its official, I'm the first candidate to file for Mayor for Portland in 2012! Everyone else can say whatever they like, but that is regardless! I'm the first mayoral candidate to file. I was also the first to make a campaign commitee, first to announce back in April. If you guys noticed the title of this post, I quoted it from the great Ricky Bobby. "If your not first, your last." As of right now, I'm the only candidate in the field. Now the media can't say that the others are number one. I made sure of it. And getting up at 6am in the morning really shows the people of this fine city (PDX) who really cares about this election. Who is really determined to lead Portland. I guess the others just don't care as much as I do. It will probably be another 8am-5pm job to them. From what I can tell they are only interested in themselves. Enjoy this "Number One Clip" from Spongebob!

Yes, thats right I'm number one! I'm out here determined to make a difference. Also if you did not catch my interview this morning, here it is! I was invited back to cascadia.fm on Unibash Radio. Check out the exclusive interview. It starts around 9 mins into the show. Again waking up early on the first day to file should tell you something about this candidate. As well as getting supporters and friends to come with! Below you will find pictures of this morning. Notice that no other candidate is in line. I was the only one there. And as of right now, at 12:25pm the Mayors race for Portland is a single field of one.

"Shake and Bake"