Liars, Cheats and Thieves

Hello once again, below is my rant to the media and people of Portland. Enjoy!

The media always seem to be obsessed with the negative. Why don't you focus on the only Mayoral candidate who has no skeletons in his closet, no bad driving record, no park suspensions from the police, and who doesn't feel entitled to throw influence around at the police to gain favors! Believe it, but I have 100% voting record and have lived in PDX all my life! All of the scrutiny that these other candidates have received; plus they can't even keep their stories straight, so what's the truth? You can expect liars to continue to lie and that will reflect in their work. That is what we have right now! Where is the transparency in government? If you vote anyone of these types in, but me, then expect to get the same old thing that we have in City Hall. Nothing will change. Aren't people in Portland tired of the big business influence in government yet?

This proves my point that they are Opportunists, Corporatists, and full of Hidden Baggage with no true vision for our city. This is just a higher paying job for each of them with hidden agendas; I am not "job jumping" from a part-time job in the House to a full-time job in City Hall. I have no hidden agendas and simply want to help the people and families of Portland improve their lives and their city, not just my own. The other candidates are planning on spending up to $1 million dollars for a $175k year job - how is that good business practice? If you ask any investment advisor on spending that kind of money and not expecting a higher return, then they will tell you that is a bad investment. Where is the logic in that?

I have new, fresh ideas for our parks; keeping families living in Portland; educational programs for kids in Portland Public schools into Portland Colleges; sustainable business development; creating jobs for the city; and working to find savings from the employees point of views in the different bureaus of the city.

By voting for me, you get a person who will work hard for the citizens of Portland and won't put on a fake face and I will actually listen. I will not lie! Look, I have played on baseball teams and know what it takes to lead and build on strengths. I know the value of teamwork, there is no way to accomplish great things by yourself. There is no way to win without a team effort. I want to get this city working for everyone; not just the elite, wealthy, 1%! I am transparent and you can come into my office anytime and I will give you the truth even if it hurts! Maybe that's why no one sees me around town because I am too transparently honest.

Be a part of the change and vote for the alternative, the youngest, the first one who cares, vote for me! Keep Portland weird!

Also if you have not checked my Facebook page out yet take a look at who I had coffee with last week! Yup thats right! The Honorable Mayor Bud Clark! Take a look at all the campaign pictures there!