The Weekly Catch Up

I thought I should share with you what is going on in the news this week! A lot has happened in one day, so I deem it worthy of a post.

The best interview I had was this Saturday, with Neighborhood Notes. A great man named Bill McDonald interviewed me:

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Even Bo Jack wrote about me today:

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Late last night KATU wrote about my opinion on weather or not Occupy Portland should be kicked out. I wrote a post last week about it! I will post another article soon:

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Lastly the Portland Mercury wrote my stance on Occupy Portland:

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On another note we now have over 200 followers on Twitter. More is always better, so tell everyone you know to follow me! That is, if you want to stay updated with the most current new out there! We also have reached over 300 likes on Facebook! So keep telling your friends and family to like and follow me! I want to give a shout out to the people who have donated to the campaign, and with that I will say more is always welcome! So please donate! You will get a tax credit! Boom easy and great! More post will come shorty. We will also be revamping our website this weekend, so sorry if it looks funky.