The City Missed the Boat Again

Fields Park in the Pearl District on 10th and NW Overton is missing the whole picture. 
From what I can tell, it looks like the Portland Development Commission (PDC) is continuing to do what it does best: looking out for the developers and not even thinking of helping the people who live in our city in any way. If I were mayor of Portland, I would use these Urban Renewal Area’s to actually help the economy by building the parks needed for families with school-aged children, not for adults that can afford to live in the Pearl District with a dog. I can almost guarantee that few families with kids will be going to that park, for a couple of reasons. Allow me to explain.

Look at the size of the children’s area compared to the rest of the park. What families want is more room to play. The downtown center no longer has any large spaces for school age children or sports fields. Families have to drive out to the edges of Portland or (god forbid!) across the river to play in parks where there is more room. They are building Fields Park to be tailored for adults and dogs. Families with school-aged children are barely even in the equation. Build baby build! But we need to be building the right infrastructure to make sure we have a tomorrow. Not just empty condos and offices that only the rich can afford. During the summer I looked into putting multipurpose sports fields right on that very spot, as well as a few vacant lots around the city of Portland. It could have been done if PDC would be willing to anger their “favored” developer friends. But they are choosing not to.

Another point to note is the fact that PDC and the developers are over building condos with the options of a studio and one bedroom homes. Most families I know can’t manage in such small spaces. On average they will want to move to a home, rather an apartment. For one thing they cannot afford to live down town, since prices have risen out of the reach of the middle class. This is causing these citizens to move away from down town, and eventually out to the suburbs. We cannot have this if we want our city to improve. If we can bring and keep families here in Portland, we will be able to grow in the right way. Jobs will follow if we have a population in the city. Not the other way around. Let me reiterate this point. If more people move into the city, the jobs will follow. Reward the people, not the developers. They are suppose to help the citizens. Job creators will come rushing into Portland if we make our city a great place not only to live, but to work as well.  

The economy is not looking so good right now; we need to do something different if we want to recover successfully. Not just put it off for my generation and the generations after that.  Let’s invest in the future and try to get families to live in Portland, not just work here. This will never will be, with the city council we have in power and what Brady, Smith or Hales currently want. They want to make the big business and developers happy, since they are paying them to run for office and hold these elected spots. If you’ve noticed, in my campaign big sponsors won’t even look my direction since they know they can’t buy me.   

We need families to live inside of Portland in order to grow. PDC, not surprisingly is thinking the other way around. They want to make their developer friends and themselves money off of the backs of our citizens. But I want them to follow what their mission statement reads. “To create one of the world’s most desirable and equitable cities by investing in job creation, innovation and economic opportunity throughout Portland.” If they are to refuse to help the city grow to be a desirable place, then they should no longer exist.  

The city truly missed the boat on this one. They want to keep families out of Portland, and only allow adults to live here. That much is obvious to me.

If you want any more proof that PDC is corrupt with their power take a look at what they did at Centennial Mills. There are many more examples that go on and on…let’s make a difference together as citizens and vote for me as your next mayor.  It’s not a tolerable situation and I won’t accept it! Aren’t you ready for a change to the status quo yet?