About Max

I know Portland!

I have lived in Portland my whole life, a full 19 years! Throughout those many, many, many years I realize that we could use some changes around here! I was a varsity athlete at Lincoln High School, and I'm still playing baseball out at Clackamas Community College. (I red shirted last year as a side note). But in all seriousness, I know that Portland needs some new thoughts, new ideas, and someone who's willing to stand up for what their city needs!

This Is My Plan For Change:

  • The Portland Parks need major improvements. Year-round play and multipurpose sports activities are needed.

  • Reviving public financing on a local level.

  • Smarter spending on the Portland City budget.
  • First off, the best way you can help is by DONATING, VOLUNTEERING, or ENDORSING this fine campaign! The next step would be to "Like" our Facebook Page or Follow me on Twitter @max4mayor

    The Story:

    People ask me "Max how did you become inspired to run for Mayor?" Well it's a funny story if you ask me! It was a late spring afternoon in 2009, I was driving to baseball practice with some teammates of mine (FYI those teammates become my main staff) anyway back to the story... We had the radio on and it just finished broadcasting that Sam Adams wanted Multnomah County to pay for the Sellwood Bridge. That really got at me. At that point I announced to my future staff "Hell I can run this city better than him! And I'm only 18!" The rest is history! I'm running for Mayor of Portland to make this city better!
    Just to put this out on the playing field, I'm do have experience. "This ain't my first rodeo" as so many cowboys before me have said. I volunteered on the campaign for Charles Lewis, who is the CEO and one of the founders of Ethos Music. I have also volunteered for many other campaigns with my family. If you search or know the names Betsy and Tom Brumm you will find that they worked on many campaigns and political places around this fine country